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What type of material should I print my sticker on?
Our most popular material is White Vinyl.

Are cars the only things I can apply the stickers to?
Absolutely not! You can apply our stickers to any smooth surface. Some great places are: cars, trucks, boats, r.v.'s, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, helmets, trapper keepers and much more!
How long does it take to get the stickers?
All of our stickers are custom made, so most orders are processed and ready for pick up or shipping within 3-5 business days. Production time for bulk orders is based on the quantity ordered.
How big are the stickers?
Sticker size varies with each sticker. Please contact us at for more info on sticker sizes
How do I remove the stickers if I want to?
Heat the area where the sticker is with a blow dryer and just peel the sticker back off. If there is any sticker adhesive still left on the window just clean it off with window cleaner. If the sticker was on the car paint then just buff the area with car wax.
Can I peel the sticker off and use it again?
No, once you've applied the sticker you can not use it again. Once the sticker is removed you will have to throw it away.

What is a Transfer sticker?

A transfer sticker is created by cutting sticker material to a shape, graphic or text, and then removing the background and placing the sticker onto transfer tape. Transfer stickers are not printed on, but instead are cut from a single-colored sheet of vinyl. If you would like a sticker with multiple colors but no background you should order a Multi-Color Transfer Sticker.

How does Transfer Tape work?

Transfer tape, also known as application tape, makes applying a cut-out sticker easy. It is called transfer tape because it transfers your cut vinyl graphics from the backing to the sticker's final location. 

Do you print decals onto car magnets?
Yes we do.
Why do large car magnets have rounded corners?
The first place that magnetic signs can have a problem adhering to a vehicle is the corners. Over time the corners may "flag up" creating the possibility for air and water to get underneath and therefore causing the magnet to not adhere well. Rounding the corners helps prevent this problem.
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